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Οινοποιείο Ενδοχώρα

Model: ΚΡΑ00450
Pale yellow and transparent color, with intense floral jasmine aromas. Soft on the palate yet persistent, it creates the expectation for the next sip. Its subtle acidity, combined with its aromatic character, effortlessly complements challenging exotic cuisines.  ..
Model: ΚΡΑ00449
It's fascinating how the characteristic Romavikos and the traditional Cretan Marouvá have evolved into a modern, smooth rosé, filled with freshness and fruitiness. This phenomenon requires quite an explanation. On the other hand, the red grape variety from Chania has been revealing an entirely new i..
Model: ΚΡΑ00448
The Kotsifali grape variety is one of the most important varieties in Crete, cultivated particularly successfully in the vineyards of Chania. Often found blended with Mandilaria, the small winery in Endochora chooses to highlight Kotsifali's soft, rich character through a mono-varietal approach. It ..
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