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MALAGOUZIA 2022 750ml

MALAGOUZIA 2022 750ml
MALAGOUZIA 2022 750ml


The wine from the Tetramythos Winery, made from Malagousia grapes, is a journey into sensory delight. Each sip is an exploration of juicy fruit, expressed with remarkable clarity in aromas and flavors. The freshness radiating from every drop combines with the beauty of character derived from cultivation at altitudes ranging from 450 to 1000 meters in limestone soils.

Decanter, with a rating of 96 points, celebrates this unexpected quality experience, dubbing it "the offbeat wine of the year." The approach of organic farming for about 15 years and the respect for the unique microclimate of the region are highlighted in every drop, while minimal interventions in winemaking maintain its natural authenticity. Malagousia, originating from low yields, acquires a distinct character with classic white vinification, offering a burst of aromas with refined finesse that proves the influence of the cool breeze from the Corinthian Gulf on the vineyards. This pure expression of the variety possesses a highly enjoyable and sophisticated structure that captivates attention and disappears in an unforgettable manner. It's a wine that invites you to experience its unique story through every taste.

The technical
Color White
Type Dry wine
Variety Malagousia
Origin PGI Patras
Alcoholic title 12%

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The wine from the Tetramythos Winery, made from Malagousia grapes, is a journey into sensory delight. Each sip is an exploration of juicy fruit, expre..
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