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Karimali Philosopher

Karimali Philosopher
Karimali Philosopher
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The technical
Είδος Dry Aged Red Wine
Variety Fokiano, Kountouro (Mantilaria)
Date 2008
Alcoholic title 14,5 % Vo


Ikaria is one of the five regions in the world with the largest number of longest-living people.

Longevity is linked to the way of life of the inhabitants, the gastronomy and the consumption of the local wine, known by Homer as Pramnios.
It is a minimal intervention wine consisting of the local varieties Fokiano and Kountouro (Mantilaria).

The vinification with the native, wild yeasts, which are created in the unique soil and climate conditions of the island, and the aging in oak barrels offer a strong body, rich flavor and a naturally high alcohol level wine.