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Kalambele KARIMALI

Kalambele KARIMALI
Kalambele KARIMALI
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The technical
Είδος Dry White Wine
Protected geographical indication ICARIA
Variety Begleri, Assyrtiko
Date 2018
Alcoholic title 13 % Vol


Kalambele, meaning 'good vine', is a local name for the family's ancestral field, which was the most suitable for planting vineyards. The altitude, the soil, the slope and the mesoclimate of this region offer excellent quality wine. To manage the slope, Kalambele is composed of amphitheater terraces or otherwise in the local dialect ohte.
It is a wine of minimal intervention consisting of the local Begleri and Assyrtiko varieties. The vinification with the participation of native, wild yeasts, which are created in the unique soil and climatic conditions of the island, offers balanced acidity to the taste and unique aromas of green apple, flowers and citrus fruits.

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