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Tatsis Malagouzia

Tatsis Malagouzia
Tatsis Malagouzia
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The technical
Είδος Dry
Protected geographical indication Macedonia
Variety Malagouzia
Date 2021
Alcoholic title 12,5%


The Tatsis brothers' relationship with nature is completely harmonious and healthy.

The two never stop observing and experimenting, following a different path almost from the beginning.

They belong to a generation of winemakers who, since the 90s, began to produce wines of mild interventions and biodynamic cultivation.

Their approach to such a mainstream grape as Malagouzia is extremely interesting.

The wine is aromatic, but not cologne, ripe and fruity with a very beautiful rich texture and intensities in the mouth.

A light oxidizing honey note and a vinous dimension accompany the fruit giving it a very high specificity compared to more fashionable approaches to the variety.

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